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Mechanical CNC machining, coating, anodizing page of aluminium gravity casting foundry Strojolijev Antolčić

CNC mechanical machining of aluminium gravity casts

Mechanical machining and coating

Beside mold construction and aluminium gravity casting, we are offering services of mechanical machining that is being done on modern CNC machines. Along with mechanical machining we are offering services of heat treatment, leak tests, and various types of coating.

high end mechanical machining quality

Along with our supplier we are able to machine on over 30 modern CNC machines.

  • 01
    mold construction, casting, mechanical machining and coating from same supplier
  • 02
    high end mechanical machining on modern CNC machines
  • 03
    coating and custom service per your request

custom services

We are offering complete casting solutions that include: mold construction, casting, mechanical machining and other services per client's request. Example of one of those custom services is bending and cutting sheet metal into wall mounting brackets for product we are casting. If you too have a custom request, or you are in need of serial aluminium casting, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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