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aluminium gravity casting - explosion protection housing for lamp

decades of casting experience

We have 24 years of aluminium gravity casting experience. We are specialized for casts that range in weight from 0.2 - 10 kg with minimal wall thickness of 4 mm. We are casting with certified aluminium from reputable suppliers and use two electric furnaces with capacity of 400 kg. Beside of aluminium casting, along with our suppliers, we are offering services of casting mold construction, mechanical machining, coating, and other custom services on client's request.

We are very flexible and open to client's custom request. Therefore if you have "problematic" cast or custom requirements, or simply require a quote please contact us directly.

certified aluminium

For casting we are using only certified aluminium from reputable suppliers, that ensures high quality and mechanical properties of final cast.

  • 01
    mold construction, casting, mechanical machining and coating from same supplier
  • 02
    certified aluminiu for consistent quality of casts
  • 03
    decades of quality tradition, reliablity and competative prices

advantages of aluminium gravity casting

Aluminium gravity casting is used for mid and large size serial production for casts with heavier sections or thicker walls than pressure casting, and thinner from sand casting. Aluminium gravity casting results with smoother structure of surface than sand casting along with improved mechanical properties. Another advantage of aluminium gravity casting is price of the mold, that is considerably less than molds for pressure casting.

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