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Permanent casting mold construction page of aluminium gravity casting foundry Strojolijev Antolčić

Example of mold construction for aluminium gravity casting

high quality mold construction

For our clients we are offering services of casting mold construction. Till now we have constructed over hundred casting molds of various geometrical complexity. For this process we require 3D modeling file or detailed mechanical drawings which are base for design of, cast ,gating system, risers and other elements depending on product geometry. Molds are machined from high grade steel on modern CNC machines that ensure longevity and high dimensional accuracy of finished mold.  

24 year of mold construction experience

In last 24 years we have constructed over hundred casting mold of various geometrical complexity

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    24 years of casting mold construction experience
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    high grade steel and CNC machining
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    High quality of casted product

Permanent casting molds

Casting molds are necessary investment for mid and large scale serial productions. They ensure high dimensional repeatably and fast serial production. Casting molds for aluminium gravity castings are more affordable than molds for pressure casting which makes them ideal for smaller series than pressure casting. In addition, aluminium gravity casting is casting method for casting with a heavier section or wall thickness.

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